Financial Innovation
For Social Impact

Our most pressing challenges are social, dependent on human desire and commitment.

And they have solutions.

Austin Impact Capital provides an innovative model for bringing financial resources to those solutions, through new financial vehicles powered by the relationship between social entrepreneurs and investors.

The Social Impact Finance Model

We are changing the way Social Entrepreneurs and Investors think about financing social impact.

Austin Impact Capital shows social entrepreneurs and investors how to come together to create sustained social impact by effectively balancing a venture and philanthropic mindset.

Entrepreneurs and Investors

We are catalysts and educators with financial acumen who make the complexities of finance clear to social entrepreneurs and the complexities of social impact clear to investors.

For Investors

If you are an Individual, let’s talk about:

  • Maximizing impact
  • Analyzing opportunities
  • Identifying potential investments

If you are an Institution, let’s talk about:

  • Maximizing impact of the fund
  • Analyzing portfolio opportunities
  • Generating deal flow

For Social Entrepreneurs

If you are For-Profit, let’s talk about:

  • Identifying new forms of capital
  • Creating business models
  • Balancing impact and financial return

If you are Non-Profit, let’s talk about:

  • Identifying new forms of capital
  • Engaging philanthropists and donors
  • Balancing impact and financial sustainability

For more information please refer to Austin Impact Capital primer.